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Vancouver Networking!

ohhh hhheyy therrrre

vancouver networking

ohhh hhheyy therrrre

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So I'll introduce myself since I'm all about meeting new people and surrounding myself with successful, dynamic and influential people.

The Boring Stuff (that pays the bills)
  • I work in the sales department of a luxury resort development company.  I can't mention their name of course but they own and operate Whistler/Blackcomb mountain as well as 2 other ski and golf resorts in the country.  My job is great if you're into sales.  I sell timeshares.
The Fun Stuff (yaa I like to do these things)
  • I have an internet based radio show idea that is currently in podcast phase.  It's called the Rejekt Radio Show and you can find the community blog here RejektRadio LJ. It is still in its infancy ,it's mostly tongue in ass-cheek humor.
  • I play a self-designed RPG game with the same group of guys and co-creators once a week for the last ten years. We hope to develop a video game out of it.  Lord knows we have enough hard copy hand drawn maps etc. One of the crew is working on an epic novel about the fantasy world.  Ya I'm a geek.
  • I've had a few backyard hobbies turn into small businesses, I got bored and let them go.
  • I'm creative, energetic, disorganized, frantic, passionate, usually I talk before thinking, and I like to write and talk.  I also listen to a lot of talk radio.
Everything else well I guess you just have to ask.
  • selling timeshares eh?
    do you use/have you been trained in NLP?
    just curious. comes to mind cause i'm currently studying hypnotherapy...
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming? No, I haven't gone to a class or seminar specifically about NLP. But I have been to a few seminars and such that employ a variety of NLP modeling techniques that i still use today that are now habit , sub-conscience and routine.
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