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Vancouver Networking!

Click here to listen to the internet's hottest podcast My show…

vancouver networking

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Other podcasts suck
Click here to listen to the internet's hottest podcast

My show host name is Reverend Teebs and I am the Podfather of Podcasting (self-proclaimed of course).  The show is the brainchild of 37 years of planning,designing,testing, redesigning and retesting. It is currently still in the test phase and we at the Rejekt Radio Media Mafia recording studios feel that eventually through persistence we WILL get the accolades we deserve and WILL be broadcasting live-stream shows 3 times a week.  At least thats the goal.
 If you listen, I do appreciate all feedback.  Don't hold anything back.  I've been told to take a running jump into a pit of burning gasoline filled with rusty, used hypo needles.  It's all good feedback no matter what you say. I'm always looking for good show ideas, maybe you want to get on the show or maybe, just maybe you want to be an intern and work like a slave for no money and only the adoration of the current ten subscribing fans. So kick back and listen.  Also thank you in advance for voting.  Enough votes gets the show on the top 5 on Switchpod, the podcast host site.

Reverend Teebs
The Podfather of Podcasting
The Rejekt Radio Show
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