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Vancouver Networking!


vancouver networking


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Welcome to this community... which may or may not be a good idea.


perhaps i should sleep on it.

if you become a member of this community, please do an introductory post, tell us a bit about who you are, what you do, and who you'd like to connect with, what you would like from this community.

my idea is for this to be a place where we can meet other self employed professionals or small business people. a place to meet people to barter and do exchanges... but also a place to just meet other people.
if enough people get interested, i'd like to have meet ups. i'd like this to be a network of support. a place to encourage one another in their business endevours. we can each become eachothers best advertising.
we can help each other create business plans, help each other market our ideas. we can meet people with the same interests/training/businesses and see if we can work together to create something greater.
each of us working together, utilizing the law of attraction, using proven wealth formulas to propel us all forward into thriving success.

i encourage ALL OF YOU who read this to please take a minute to post, just say hello, or add a few words of suggestion. I need help to build this community into something special. ..it can become something special.
forward and spread the word to everyone you know out there that is trying to make it on their own, in their own businesses... or to those who are just dreaming of working for themselves. forward this to anyone that is working for someone else, but would love to meet other people to do exchanges with.
i have no boundaries on this community.
i hope it will grow, flourish and evolve in to what ever you make of it.
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